Start in 1-2-3

HCP Dispatcher only works with Housecall Pro and the latest version of Google Chrome.

Download the .zip

  1. Download Google Chrome extension by this link: Download the latest HCP Dispatcher tool
  2. Unarchive into a folder on your computer.

Enable the Chrome developer mode

  1. Follow this link to the Chrome Extentions
  2. Enable the Development Mode toggler:

Upload HCP Dispatcher plugin to your Chrome

  1. Upload the HCP Dispatcher Tool from the folder when you unarchived it previously
  2. Proceed to onboarding or Housecall Pro Schedule view
Make sure the plugin is enabled (toggler is set to on)

Next steps

  1. Pin the plugin as shown below.
  2. Proceed to onboarding or Housecall Pro Schedule view.
  3. Plugin will prompt a Housecall Pro Administrator to set up basic settings like field techs' home locations, or seniority levels.
  4. You may skip p.3 for now though, plugin will anyway pull all necessary info from HCP to get you set up automatically.
  5. To access HCPD settings simply click on plugin's logo in your Chrome (same place where you pin it to).
Clicking on pinned plugin is the shortest way to get to its settings.

Important notes:

  • Payment: We never charge you until you explicitly enter your credit card info. You don't need credit card to try 14 days free. You can cancel anytime.
  • Colors: We use colors to distinguish quality of the slots. By default:
    > green is for job within 7 minutes;
    > yellow
    is for jobs within 15 minutes;
    > red is for everything above 15 minutes drive.
  • Job slots: By default the job slots are either 2 or 6 hours, depending on the type of your business. You can set it up later (click anytime on an HCPD logo of Chrome plugin (where have you pinned it to)).
  • Registration and login: Plugin piggybacks on the Housecall Pro authorization to releave you from the additional credentials. If you can't access plugin settings – simply log in to the Housecall Pro, visit the Schedule view for plugin to activate and try again.
  • Cancel your subscription:
    1. Proceed to the plugin settings (Click HCPD logo of Chrome plugin (where have you pinned it to)), billing, and click cancel your subscription.
    2. Proceed to this link to the Chrome Extentions control center and disable the plugin there.